Camtasia (Windows): Capture Frame Rate and System Performance


How can I get the best capture frame rate while recording in Camtasia.


Basic Tips to Improve Recording Performance

Your frame rate is the number of frames captured per second. For the smoothest recordings you want to strive to achieve the highest frame rate. By default the Camtasia Recorder tries to capture 30 frames per second. The recorder will drop frames if the computer becomes overburdened and the recorder cannot keep up. Here’s some ways you can improve performance:

  • Record a smaller portion of your screen. Recording the full screen is harder than recording a single window.
  • Close any applications you don’t need. They’ll hog memory, and since screen recording is a CPU-intensive process, you want to free up everything you can.
  • It has been reported from a few users that changing their power settings on their laptop to "High Performance" resulted in being able to record with better performance. 

Looking for an excuse to get a new computer? If so, the statistic you want pay the most attention to is CPU. RAM and graphics cards are important, but when you’re specifically talking about recording power, Camtasia Studio is mostly taxing your CPU.