Camtasia (Windows): After recording my video and audio are out of sync


After my recording my audio and video seem to be out of sync


This is usually a system resource issue.  Your computer processor or hardware cannot process both the video and audio fast enough to keep them in sync. We can try a few things to correct this:

  • Camtasia 9 Software-Only Mode: Open Camtasia 9 and click Edit > Preferences > Advanced tab.  Under hardware acceleration change that drop down to "use software-mode only".  Then close and re-open Camtasia and see if your audio and video are now in sync during playback.
  • Reducing the screen area you are recording along with reducing the capture frame rate can help free up more resources in order to capture the audio in sync.  For more on system performance click here.
  • In some other cases we have seen outdated audio or video card driver cause this behavior.  It is best to visit the hardware manufacturer's website to get the latest drivers for your audio and video cards.
  • We also see this happen often with webcams.  Updating the webcam driver to the latest driver available from the hardware manufacture can help.
  • Lastly, we have seen that if you are on a laptop you can go into the control panel-->power settings and set your power setting to "high performance". We've had many users report changing this setting has made a big difference in keeping their webcam in sync.