Camtasia (Windows): Unable to Locate File


When opening a project, the two errors below appear.

"Unable to locate file: Do you want to find the file?"

When the project opens, the media is missing from the media bin and the timeline.

"The following files were moved, deleted, and/or located on a removable drive and must be updated in the Media Bin before being used on the timeline.


This can happen when the original media that was imported into the project is:

  • No longer in the same location as when the project was last saved.
  • Has been renamed.
  • Has been deleted.
  • Is on a drive that is no longer connected or available.

To fix the problem, click Yes in the first prompt about the missing file, and then browse to the location of the missing file. If the file is on a different computer, or a removable drive, copy the file from that location on to the local computer.

The media can also be updated in the project using the steps in this support article.