Camtasia (Windows): Upload Produced Files to SharePoint


How do I upload Camtasia produced content to Sharepoint?


There are two different versions of SharePoint, On-Site SharePoint and Office365 SharePoint (Offsite). There are a few options to upload files onto SharePoint and how to configure SharePoint to play videos.

Option 1: Uploading Camtasia Files to SharePoint

Option 2: Configure Office365 SharePoint to Play Video

Option 3: Configure On-Site SharePoint to Play Video

  1. Select Central Administration > Manage Web Applications > [Highlight a web application].
  2. Click General Settings.
  3. Select Browser File Handling.
  4. Set to Permissive.
  5. Click Save.

Now when you click to play the HTML file it will play the video instead of prompting to download the file.

There is currently a known issue introduced with iOS 10 that will prevent MP4 video files from loading. In iOS 10, the HTML5 video player is not sending authentication cookies to the server, which are required to load the MP4 file. For more information, see this Apple discussion.