Smart Player and How To Upload Files to a Web Server


How do I embed a video produced in Camtasia on my website?


Camtasia produces Web-ready content when you save the generated files that contain the TechSmith Smart Player files, along with the video file. Upload all of the files that Camtasia produced to your Web server to place the video online. To view the video, enter the URL for the HTML page that you just uploaded into your Internet browser. Below is a video on how to upload your produced files to a website to play the video.

Smart Player Basics

  • The Smart Player is required in order for Markers (Table of Contents), Quizzes, Closed Captions and Interactive Hotspots to work in your finished video.
  • The Smart Player is the default (and only) player on, and Video Review.

Embed Video on its own Page

  • You must have access to a web server to embed Smart Player files. The entire production package must be uploaded to the same location on the server.


Embed the Video on a Different Page