Customize the Snagit installer (.MSI) with Transform(.MST) for Enterprise Installation

This article contains information on managing and deploying Snagit to multiple users within an organization.

The MSI for different versions of Snagit can be downloaded from the Alternate Downloads page.

Transform Creation

Snagit 11 and Later

Use the TechSmith Deployment Tool, and follow the guides available on the TechSmith Enterprise Resources Page to create the transform (MST). The TechSmith Deployment Tool offers a simple graphical interface for transform creation.

The TechSmith Deployment Tool does not deploy any software.  It is simply a tool to create the transform file for Snagit.

Snagit 10 and Earlier

For earlier versions of Snagit, the transform will need to be manually created using a transform editor such as Orca. The transform file is what is needed to customize the Snagit installation to things like specific settings and the license key.


If Snagit is prompting users to enter a key, make sure that the TSC_SOFTWARE_KEY field in the property table is typed correctly, and has no spaces before or after the key.

Uninstalling Previous Versions

Using the UninstallerTool.exe

See the Snagit Deployment Tool Guide on the TechSmith Enterprise Resources Page for instructions on how to use the UninstallerTool.exe to remove previous versions.

Manually Removing

The command to silently remove a version of Snagit is: msiexec.exe /uninstall {uninstall GUID} /quiet.

See this support article for a list of Snagit uninstall GUID's.

Snagit 9 and later will prompt the user to ask if they would like to keep or delete the library assets when uninstalling. This can cause a silent uninstall to hang. To fix the problem, add the TSC_DATA_STORE property.

Keep Library

msiexec.exe /uninstall {uninstall GUID} TSC_DATA_STORE=0 /quiet

Delete Library

msiexec.exe /uninstall {uninstall GUID} TSC_DATA_STORE=1 /quiet