Error: Failed to Save Document After Capture in Snagit


After capturing in Snagit, the following error message appears:


Reason 1: Older Version Is Currently in Use

Make sure that the latest version of Snagit is downloaded on the machine. Download Snagit to update to the newer version.

Reason 2: Security Software Interfering in Snagit

A common issue is that some security software is interfering in Snagit. Some security software program's are:

  • Kaspersky Antivirus
  • BitDefender
  • ByteFence

Try to disable the security software and use Snagit again to see if the problem continues. If the security software is the cause of the problem, try adding the following processes to the white list or exception list within the security software:

  • Snagit32.exe (Snagit 2021 and older)
  • SnagitCapture.exe (Snagit 2022 and newer)
  • SnagPriv.exe
  • SnagitEditor.exe

Reason 3: Change Library Location

Some users have found that changing their library location to a new location helped resolve this error message.  To change the library location in the Snagit Editor:

  1. Click Edit > Editor Preferences > Library Tab.
  2. Under Library Location click Choose location.
  3. Select a new location that is different than your current location and click Save.
  4. Try to take a new capture in Snagit.

If the problem still continues, please submit a ticket.