Unable to Edit Any Existing Objects in the Snagit Editor


The objects that I have drawn on my capture are no longer movable/editable.


Based on the version of Snagit being used, this is caused by either:

  • The image has been flattened
  • The object was not created as a vector

Objects that are no longer movable/editable may be able to be edited using Smart Move in Snagit 2018 or later.

Reason 1: The Image Has Been Flattened

When an image is saved as a PNG or JPEG from Snagit, the image is then flattened. All the objects that were drawn on the image will become part of the image and will no longer be editable. This occurs after the image is saved and closed from the Editor.

TIP: Save Image as .SNAG File

In order to come back and make changes to your edits, save the image as a .SNAG file on your computer. When you need to make changes, open the .SNAG file. You will be able to edit the objects. Then, save a new file as a PNG or JPEG to share. Always have a copy of your master .SNAG file.

Reason 2: Object Was Not Created as a Vector

This option is not available in Snagit 12.4 and later, except for the pen tool.

There is an option under each draw tools in Effects > Create as Vector.

Make sure that this option is selected. If not, anything created with that drawing tool will be automatically flattened.