We're Sorry! A QR code cannot be generated at this time for Snagit


 When attempting to connect TechSmith Fuse to Snagit by generating a QR code, the following error occurs. 

*There was a known issue with the 2022.0.0 version getting this message that was addressed in the 2022.0.2 release. If you are seeing this error using the 2022.0.0 version, please check for updated to see if that helps.


There are a few different causes that can lead to this error.

Cause 1: HTTP server not registered

When Snagit is initially installed, it will attempt to register the HTTP server required in order for TechSmith Fuse to communicate with the computer. In some rare cases, the server may not register correctly, so it is unable to generate the QR code. We recommend attempting to reinstall Snagit in this case, and then try it again.


Make sure you have a copy of your license key before uninstalling!

Cause 2: User is not running as an administrator

Try running Snagit as an administrator, and then try generating the QR code.

  1. Close out of Snagit so that it is not running at all. 
  2. Browse to the Snagit install directory.  By default, Snagit is installed in the following location (where '#' is the version of Snagit that is installed):

    Snagit 2018 and later

    C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Snagit #\

    Snagit 13 and earlier

    64 bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\TechSmith\Snagit #\

    32 bit: C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Snagit #\

  3. Locate SnagitEditor.exe (you may or may not see the .exe), and right click on it and choose Properties. 
  4. Select the Compatibility tab, and check the box to "Run this program as an administrator." 
  5. Select Apply.
  6. Open Snagit and try it again. 

Cause 3: Third party conflicts

When Snagit is installed, it will open the necessary ports required in the Windows Firewall. However, if there is a third party firewall in use, then the appropriate ports would need to be allowed through that firewall in order for Fuse to work.