Snagit (Windows): Pasted Images Do Not Show in Microsoft Word


Why are the images not appearing when they are pasted onto a document in Microsoft Word?


Microsoft Word contains separate drawing and text layers. When you paste an image into a document to float over text, the image is inserted into the drawing layer. In Normal and Outline views, the drawing layer is not visible. This issue can occur if you do not have the In line with text option selected in Normal view. Here are some options to try:

  • Select a different view option from the View menu.
  • Change the picture formatting layout to in line with text while in Normal view:
    • Select Tools > Options > Edit > Insert/paste pictures as > In line with text.
  • Enable the Drawings option:
    • Select Tools > Options > View > Enable Drawings.
  • Disable the Picture placeholders option:
    • Select Tools > Options > View > Disable Picture placeholders.