Snagit (Windows): Image is resized or blurry when pasted into Word or another application


My capture is clear when viewed in the Editor, however when I share it to Microsoft Word (or another application) it appears blurry.


As long as you have not scaled the image in SnagIt, SnagIt will capture the the image at 100% it's original size.

If, when pasted or opened in another application, the image is scaled or blurry, that is a function of the application that the image is pasted into or opened with.  Some applications will "shrink to fit" images to fit in the application window or frame. Check the application for an option to display the image at 100% original size.

This issue can also occur if a program is compressing or compacting an image file.  This behavior occurs in Word 2010 by default; see Microsoft Word selection below for a workaround.

As a test, try pasting the image into Paint.  By default, Paint will not scale the image.

This can also occur when pasting an image into Outlook 2003.  If an image is pasted from any program whether it be the SnagIt capture preview window, Word, or Paint, the image in Outlook will appear clear until the image is sent.  Once sent, the quality of the image will go down slightly as artifacts will occur around the text.

This seems to be a specific issue with Outlook 2003 as it was not reproducible in Outlook 2007.

In SnagIt

Make sure that the image is not being resized at all, either in the capture settings of the Capture Window, or in the Snagit Editor. 

In Microsoft Word

  1. Right-click on the image and select Format Picture.
  2. On the Size tab, verify that Scale is set to 100%.

Word 2010 Only: Click File > Options, then select the Advanced tab and make sure that the "Do not compress images in file" option is CHECKED. This option is UNCHECKED by default.

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