Capture Directly To Image Using Print Screen in Snagit


How do I capture directly to an image using the Print Screen key?


Snagit 13 and Later

  1. Select Start > TechSmith > Snagit to open the Capture Window.
  2. Confirm Print Screen is set as the Global Capture hotkey under the red Capture button. To change the hotkey to Print Screen, click in that area and press the Print Screen key.
  3. Click the Image tab.
  4. Choose your desired Selection, Effects, and Share settings.
  5. Press the Print Screen key to take a capture with the selected settings.

Snagit 12

In Snagit 12, Print Screen is assigned as the Global Capture hotkey by default. When you press Print Screen and select an area of the screen, you must choose Image or Video. Complete the following to set Print Screen to capture directly to an image capture or watch this tutorial:

  1. Hover over the Capture Window and select the gear icon > Preferences > Hotkeys.
  2. Change the Global capture hotkey to another key combination other than Print Screen. For example, to change to Shift + Print Screen, check the checkboxes and select a key from the dropdown.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Hover over the Capture Window and click Manage Profiles.
  5. Select the Image capture profile. Set the hotkey to Print Screen.