Camtasia (Mac): Zero Byte File Exported


When exporting a project from Camtasia for Mac 2 or 3 in a specific manner the resulting file shows in Finder as 0 KB:

Camtasia 2: Share > Advanced Export > Export to MP4 (not Export to Main Concept .mp4)

Camtasia 3: Share > Local File...>Export to MP4 (not Export to Main Concept .mp4)   


There are two reasons this behavior can occur.   

Cause 1

In the Advanced Export Options you are choosing a Custom Audio Data Rate and choosing something below 30 kbits/sec or above 255 kbits/sec.

Solution 1

Set the Data Rate for the audio between 30 - 255 kbits/sec, or choose the Automatic setting. *We recommend Automatic.

Cause 2

There is a bug in Camtasia for Mac than will cause certain project's to display this behavior, even when the above solution is met.

Solution 2

Change the video profile in the Advanced Export Options to any of the options with "AutoLevel": 

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