Screencast Data and Privacy FAQ

Where is my Screencast content stored?

United States

Where is my content being processed?

United States

Is a Screencast account required to watch any of the content that is uploaded? 

No. Viewers are not required to log in. Commenting and reactions can either be made anonymously (under an arbitrary username of the commenter’s choosing) or can be made while logged in (which associates them with the user’s TechSmith account).

Can Screencast content be viewed anonymously?


Can users download uploaded Screencast content? If so, can that be disabled?

Only the user who uploaded the media may download it. 

What happens after I reach the 25 video upload limit with a Free Screencast account?

You will be unable to upload additional videos until you upgrade to the Pro tier or delete some of your existing videos to get below the 25 limit.

Language support:

  • Which language is the Screencast User Interface in? US-English only.
  • Which languages does the Auto-Caption feature support? US-English only.
  • Can I add subtitles in other languages to my content on Screencast? Yes. See details
  • Which languages are supported for AI-assisted titles and descriptions? US-English only.