Snagit Video Error 0x8027025a, Temporary Capture File Does Not Exist! or the Video Recorder Returned Error 0x8000ffff


Attempting to record a video results in one or more of the following errors:


By default, Snagit will attempt to initialize the web camera even if the web camera is not set to record. This is so the user can quickly toggle between the web camera and the screen while recording. If there is a problem with the web camera, then this can result in the error message above, even if the web camera is not set to record.

Before trying the options below, please make sure that you have the latest version of Snagit installed.Select Help > Check for Updates in Snagit to install the latest version. The update can also be manually downloaded here.

Option 1: Disable Web Camera

  1. Open the Snagit capture window.
  2. Select File > Capture Preferences > Capture.
  3. Deselect Enable Webcam and select OK.
  4. Close Snagit.
  5. Open Snagit and try a new recording.

Option 2: Check for Updates in Windows

Make sure that all Windows updates are installed. Depending on the version of Windows, this can be done by clicking Start and typing "update" in the search bar. Select Check for Updates and run the Windows Update.

Option 3: Check for Updates in the Web Camera Driver

The built-in Windows Update may not find specific updates for some drivers. We recommend visiting the manufacturer's web site and searching for your model computer (or camera) to download and install the latest drivers. Below are some of the common support sites:

Option 4: Use a Different Web Camera

If you are using an internal (built-in) web camera, try connecting a USB web camera. Then restart Snagit and try it again.

Option 5: Use the Camera in Other Programs

If your camera continues to have problems, try using it in another application on your computer to see if it works properly. If it does not, there may be a problem with the hardware and the device manufacturer should be contacted.

Option 6: Disable Third Party Web Camera Utilities

If there are any third party web camera utilities installed, these can interfere with how samples are sent from the camera to Snagit. Try uninstalling these utilities, then restart Snagit and try again.


If any of these options do not work, contact our support team by submitting a ticket here.