Only Desktop Captured Using Snagit on Mac


After upgrading to macOS 10.15 Catalina or later Snagit only captures the desktop and does not capture any apps.


First, make sure the latest updates for your version of Snagit are installed. From the menu bar, select Snagit > Check for Updates... to install updates.

If the problem continues, try the steps below.

    1. Close Snagit.
    2. Open System Preferences > Privacy & Security > Screen & System Audio Recording.
    3. Ensure that Snagit is toggled on in the list of applications (If using Snagit 2022 or earlier, also ensure that SnagitHelper is checked for the version that you are using)
    4. Try a new capture in Snagit

Any update to macOS may cause this setting to be deselected. If macOS has updated recently and you are experiencing this problem, check this setting to make sure Snagit is enabled (If using Snagit 2022 or earlier, make sure SnagitHelper is also enabled).