Camtasia Target Capture Frame Rate

What is Target or Maximum Capture Frame Rate?

Target or Maximum Capture Frame Rate is the highest frame rate in which Camtasia will attempt to capture at. Camtasia captures at a variable frame rate (VFR) and does not capture at a constant frame rate (CFR). 

What is a variable frame rate?

This is when the frame rate adjusts throughout a recording based on the content being recorded.

Why does Camtasia capture at a variable frame rate?

We have found the majority of our users do not need a constant frame rate for their screen recordings.

Can Camtasia record at 60FPS?

Yes and no. You can choose 60FPS within the Camtasia settings. Camtasia will do its best to record at the target frame rate you have chosen. However, since we record at a variable frame rate, your recording will never have a constant frame rate of 60 frames per second. Therefore, we will never have a true and constant 60 frame per second recording. This is also true for any other frame rate you may choose.