Using LUT Visual Effect in Camtasia on macOS


What is the LUT Effect and how is it used?


LUT (known as Lookup Table) is a term used to describe a predetermined array of numbers that provide a shortcut for a specific computation. In the context of color grading, a LUT transforms color input values (camera) to your desired output values (final footage).

Why use LUTs on footage?

  • Set a predetermined look for a specific visual feeling
  • Increase the speed at which you can color grade
  • Use as a reference point to develop your unique style

How to use the LUT Effect with Camtasia

  1. Drag the LUT Effect to the media on the timeline you would like to change.


  2. In the LUT Properties click Open CUBE file.


  3. Once you have opened a CUBE file you can adjust settings in the Properties including turning LUT on and off.