Camtasia (Windows): Cannot Load File. It Is Either an Unsupported Media Type or Required Codecs Are Not Found



  • Make sure the file format is supported in Camtasia.
    • MP4: video must be encoded with the H.264 codec.
    • MOV: H.264 and PNG codecs only. For more information, see this article. If video file is from an iPhone 7 or later and running iOS 11, change the video format in Settings > Camera > Formats and choose Most Compatible.
    • AVI: make sure the codec used to encode the AVI is installed on the machine. For example, if the file is encoded with the Xvid codec, install the Xvid codec on your machine.
  • ByteFence may cause this error and corrupt the TREC files. To resolve this issue, uninstall ByteFence in Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program.
  • Make sure media is imported from a local drive, and not from a network, external, or cloud drive.
  • If this error occurs after recording, the TREC file may be corrupt and unrecoverable.

If none of these solutions resolve the problem, please submit a support ticket.