Snagit Library, Saved Captures Versus Unsaved Captures (Snagit 2021 and Earlier)


How does the Snagit Library work, and how does it organize my captures?


The Snagit Library is designed to allow users to capture quickly, yet still keep captures organized. By default, each new capture will be automatically placed into the Snagit Library, and will be considered an Unsaved Capture. These captures will also have additional details associated with them, which allows the Snagit Library to organize them based on date, application, web site, ect.

Unsaved Captures Versus Saved Captures

An unsaved capture will be visible in the Snagit Library, and is saved as a .SNAG file in the Snagit Datastore folder. With the default settings, the capture will remain in the Library until the user deletes the file.

A saved capture will be visible in the Snagit Library, and is saved in the format the user selects when saving the file (for example PNG or JPEG). Once the file is saved, it will be moved from the hidden location where unsaved captures are stored, and saved wherever the user selects.


If you plan on needing to be able to re-edit your saved captures, it is a good idea to save a second copy of the capture as a .SNAG file. See this support article for more information.

  Visible in Library? File Location File Format
Unsaved Capture YES Datastore .SNAG
Saved Capture YES User Selected User Selected

Snagit Datastore

The Snagit Datastore is the physical location on the computer where unsaved captures are stored. By default, this is a hidden location. To move the Datastore location (Snagit 12.4.1 and later):

  1. Open the Snagit Editor.
  2. Snagit 2018 to Snagit 2021: Click Edit > Editor Preferences > Library.
    • Snagit 13: Click File > Editor Preferences > Library.
    • Snagit 12: Click File > Editor Options > Advanced.
  3. Click the folder button to select the new location for the Datastore folder.