Securely signing in to my TechSmith account

The TechSmith account sign in page offers a few different options for signing in on a particular device, using the account chooser. 

Account Chooser

The account chooser makes it easy to sign in to your TechSmith account by remembering the accounts you have signed in with on a particular device or browser. The account chooser is enabled by default, by having the "Don't remember me" option unchecked. 

Using the account chooser with third party authorization

Your TechSmith account allows you to sign in using popular tools like Google, or Azure Active Directory.  The account chooser will remember the service that you use to sign in on a particular device or browser, making it easier and faster to sign in next time. If there are multiple accounts listed on the account chooser, the icon in the upper right corner of the account ID will indicate the authorization service being used. 

Disable the account chooser

The account chooser can be disabled if using a public or shared device.  To disable the account chooser, check the "Don't remember me" box. 

When should I disable the account chooser?

We recommend disabling the account chooser if you are accessing your TechSmith account on a shared device.  Some examples of when you might enable or disable the account chooser are listed below. 

  • Private device that only I use  >> Enable
  • Shared device with private user accounts >> Enable
  • Family devices with a shared profile >> Disable
  • Shared device in a lab, or conference room >> Disable
  • Public device shared by many users >> Disable

Preventing unauthorized access

If using a shared device, you may wish to take extra measures to prevent unauthorized access to your TechSmith account.

  1. Use the private browsing mode on your device
  2. Sign out of at the end of your session by selecting the Avatar in the upper right hand corner, and choosing Sign Out.  Or click this link to sign out. 

  3. If using third party authorization, sign out of that service.  For example if Google is being used, sign out of Google before ending your session. 

  4. Clear the browsing history at the end of your session. 

More Information

More information about OpenID and the account chooser can be found at