TechSmith AI Responsibility Principles

To fulfill our mission of empowering anyone to create remarkable videos and images that help share knowledge and information, we incorporate new technological advancements, with artificial intelligence being one such opportunity. However, many questions, concerns, and misunderstandings surround the usage of artificial intelligence technologies. This document lays out our approach and provides clarity in our stance. 

Scope of this document 

This document covers the principles governing the usage of artificial intelligence technologies in our customer-facing products and services. It applies to all AI features in TechSmith products and services.

Customer data usage for training 

TechSmith will not use your data to train any artificial intelligence models without your consent. Furthermore, any artificial intelligence models TechSmith distributes, leverages, or licenses to realize functionality in our products and services will also not use your data without your consent. For more details regarding TechSmith use of data, please see the TechSmith Privacy Notice

Training data disclosure 

When available and possible, TechSmith will disclose the source of the data, or the process used to collect the data, used to train models in use in our products and services. At times, TechSmith will use models for which we do not have transparency regarding the data used to train them. TechSmith uses commercially reasonable measures to vet the sources of data used to train models given the proprietary nature of said data to the vendors used.

Vendor selection

TechSmith expects our partners to align with these AI Responsibility Principles. TechSmith is responsible for vetting partners and assuring their alignment with our AI Responsibility Principles. We conduct vetting processes, reviewing security, privacy, and ethical data collection practices of our first-tier vendors. Our assessments include evaluating data retention policies, model training policies, and mechanisms for reporting misuse. We also review vendors' ethical principles to ensure they align with TechSmith's values and standards.

AI safety 

TechSmith prioritizes the safe use of AI technologies to protect our users from harmful applications including deep fakes and false information. Where possible we implement measures to detect and mitigate harmful or inappropriate content, ensuring user protection.

If you encounter harmful content while using generative AI with our products, it can be reported to

AI technology disclosure

We are committed to transparency in our use of AI technologies. Products will have an explicit disclosure when the core functionality depends on AI technologies. For products with optional AI features we will clearly indicate in the user interface and Terms of Service when a feature leverages AI technologies.

Local vs. cloud disclosure

We are transparent about where AI processing occurs. TechSmith will inform users whether AI technology is running locally on their device or if their data is being processed in the cloud. This transparency helps users make informed decisions about their data and its security.

Generative AI content copyright 

TechSmith does not claim ownership rights in any digital content created by users of our products and services, regardless of whether it was created with generative AI or by a human. In some cases, we do require limited rights to share your content for the sole purpose of enabling us to display your digital content as a part of the services offered.  Please see the Terms of Service or applicable end user license agreement (EULA) for details.

Content created using generative AI features may be similar to content generated by other users. Your rights in such content may not be enforceable against other users of the generative AI features.

Vendors and model disclosure 

TechSmith will make public the services or AI models that are utilized and the vendors utilized on a per-product basis. The data on a per-product basis is listed here.

How to contact us 

If you have concerns, questions, feedback, or complaints regarding TechSmith’s usage of AI technologies, please contact us at:

Changes to TechSmith’s AI Responsibility Principles 

Please note that this AI Policy may change. If there are material changes to the AI Responsibility Principles, we will post an updated version linked to from our Trust Center. You are also encouraged to periodically review the AI Responsibility Principles to stay informed on how we are leveraging this technology, protecting TechSmith customers and staff, and evolving with the changes in the technology landscape.