Delete a TechSmith Account

We are sorry that you would like to delete your TechSmith account. Along with your TechSmith account, we will need to remove all associated accounts and data:


Your Screencast account, as well as all content that you uploaded to Screencast (classic and modern).


All data stored at (software keys, subscription history, invoices, and other data).


Your Video Review account, as well as your reviews, associated comments, and references to your account from your comments on other users’ videos.


All content that you uploaded to TechSmith Knowmia.


Access to your TechSmith support history.

Please note that once you confirm the deletion of your TechSmith account, there will be no possibility to undo the deletion or recover your associated accounts and data.

Please save any content that you want to keep after your account is deleted. We recommend checking if you have any content in:

  1. Go to and sign in to your TechSmith account.
  2. On the Dashboard tab, locate the TechSmith account section.
  3. Select Manage account (icon_gears.png) > Delete account.
  4. The system checks if you have:
    • Active product subscriptions or maintenances.
    • Unpaid invoices.
    • Unprocessed refunds.
  5. If you have none of the above, you can proceed to review the data that will be deleted.
  6. To finalize the account deletion, you will need to visit your primary email inbox and confirm the account deletion.
  7. To make sure that all your data is deleted correctly, please do not sign in to your TechSmith account for at least two days.

After you start account deletion at, the system checks if you have:

  • Active product subscriptions or maintenance.
  • Unpaid invoices.
  • Unprocessed refunds.

If you have any of the above, you will see the following page.


Please follow these steps:

  1. At, go to Direct orders > Invoices > Unpaid invoices.
  2. If you have an unpaid invoice, you can pay it with a credit card. For more details and payment methods, see this support article.


  3. If all of your invoices are paid, go to Dashboard. If you have any products in the Products I own section, please contact our Customer Care Team to cancel them.

    direct orders_29.png

  4. If all your invoices are paid, and if you do not have any active maintenance or subscriptions, try to delete your TechSmith account. If you still cannot delete it, please contact our Customer Care Team.


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