Settings Are Not Being Saved in the Snagit Editor


Some changes were made within the settings and/or custom Quick Styles. However, when Snagit is opened again, all the settings and Quick Style changes are missing and have reverted back to default. This includes:

  • Custom Toolbar
  • Quick Styles
  • Quick Effects
  • Capture Presets
  • Favorites


The settings will only save when Snagit is properly closed and by not a force closed or reboot. To be sure that the settings are saved, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Snagit.
  2. Change Snagit settings and/or Quick Styles.
  3. Select File > Exit Snagit Editor to close Snagit.     

    Tip: Close Snagit in System Tray


    Make sure Snagit is closed by checking the system tray for the Snagit icon. If it shows, right-click the icon and select Exit Snagit.

  4. Reopen Snagit and verify that the settings are retained.