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TechSmith Desktop Software Support Policy

TechSmith Services Support Policy

TechSmith has a long history of providing high quality support for our products. To further improve our service, we are making some changes to our support offering to better reflect the needs of our customers around the world. This includes improved premium support, expanded hours, and international service. We hope that providing this information will help you make informed decisions regarding upgrading, purchasing maintenance, and using TechSmith products.

Type of Support: Standard Support: Premium or Live Support (customers with maintenance)
Software Keys, Licensing, and Downloads Unlimited access Unlimited access
Community Support Unlimited access Unlimited access
Support Article Library Unlimited access Unlimited access
Submit an online help ticket

Current Version, plus two previous major versions

Current Version, plus three previous major versions

Phone technical support

Unavailable Current version, plus three previous major versions

24/5 Chat technical support

Unavailable Current Version, plus three previous major versions

Those running older versions of Camtasia or Snagit can upgrade to the most recent versions through on our TechSmith online store. If you are interested in adding maintenance to your products, please contact our sales team.

Supported Versions of TechSmith Desktop Software

Find out what version you are running.  See this article.

PC / Mac Standard Support Until Premium Support Until
Snagit 2022 (Current) Email 12/7/24 Phone, chat, email 12/7/25
Snagit 2021 Email 10/19/23 Phone, chat, email 10/19/24
Snagit 2020 Email 10/21/22 Phone, chat, email 10/21/23
Snagit 2019 Email 10/21/21 Phone, chat, email 10/21/22
Snagit 2018 Email 10/22/20 Phone, chat, email 10/22/21
Camtasia 2022 (Current) Email 6/7/25 Phone, chat, email 6/7/26
Camtasia 2021 Email 4/27/24 Phone, chat, email 4/28/25
Camtasia 2020 Email 4/27/23 Phone, chat, email 4/27/24
Camtasia 2019 Email 4/29/22 Phone, chat, email 4/29/23
Camtasia 2018 Email 4/29/21 Phone, chat, email 4/29/22

Support for TechSmith Services

Service Email Support Chat Support Phone Support
Knowmia Enterprise x x x
Knowmia Pro x x x
Audiate x x x Pro x x x Free x    
Video Review x x x
TechSmith Assets x x x
TechSmith Capture x x x