Must Have PowerPoint 2013 or Later to Import Presentation


When importing a PowerPoint presentation into Camtasia, an error message is displayed: "You must have PowerPoint 2013 or later installed."


This error occurs when running the Click-to-Run or Microsoft Store version of PowerPoint.

Option 1: PowerPoint Version

To determine which version is currently running, open PowerPoint and click File > Account. Under About PowerPoint, the version of PowerPoint will be displayed.

The Camtasia PowerPoint Addin for 32 bit versions of PowerPoint 2019, 2016, and 2013 is only supported on Camtasia 2021.0.5 and earlier.

Click-to-Run Version



You can have the desktop versions installed and it may still say Click-to-Run. If that is the case, proceed to Option 2.

Microsoft Store Version


If running these versions, please install the desktop version of PowerPoint.

Option 2: Repair Office

  • Close Camtasia if it is open and close out of all Office programs
  • Go to Settings > Apps
  • Find your Microsoft Office version
  • Once selected, choose Advanced Options
  • Select Online Repair and follow the on screen instructions
  • Open Camtasia and try importing slides again