Record a PowerPoint or Keynote Presentation on macOS With Camtasia


How do I record a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation using Camtasia on macOS?


  1. Open your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote.
  2. Open Camtasia and select File > New Recording.
  3. Set your camera and audio options in the recorder window:
    1. Camera Video:
      Click to enable camera video. From the Camera dropdown, select the camera device you like to use, such as the built-in FaceTime or a USB camera. A preview of the camera appears.
    2. Microphone Audio:
      Click to enable microphone audio. From the audio dropdown, select the microphone you wish to use.
    3. System Audio:
      Click to enable system audio recording. System audio is the sound from your computer. If the TechSmith Audio Capture Component is not installed, click Need System Audio to install.
  4. Return to your presentation and place it in either full screen mode or presentation mode.
  5. Click Start Record.
  6. Narrate your presentation while recording.
  7. At the end of the presentation, press Esc to exit the presentation. Press Command-Shift-2 to pause the recording. Name the recording and click Complete.