Enterprise Install Guidelines for Snagit on MacOS


Snagit (Mac) can be installed by automated tools including Apple Remote Desktop. This deployment method will only work for Snagit 2020 and earlier. The following files must be copied to client machines for a serialized installation to work:

  • Snagit.app to /Applications
  • SnagitRegistrationKey to /Users/Shared/TechSmith/Snagit/

Install the System Audio Component for End Users who may not have permission to do so:

  1. The binary is located at Snagit 2020.app/Contents/Resources/aceinstaller or Snagit 2021.app/Contents/Resources/aceinstaller depending on the version you are using.
  2. Run the following command: sudo aceinstaller install

More Information

The Snagit Registration Key file is generated on Snagit (Mac) first run and is unique for any specific software key. Run Snagit (Mac) on one computer, enter the software key, and copy the machine's SnagitRegistrationKey.

We recommend downloading the latest Snagit (Mac) disk image version and copying Snagit.app for install.

If you would like to hide the registration key from the About Snagit Menu, this can be done in versions 2019.1.6 and newer by following these steps:

  1. After installing Snagit, open a Terminal Window.
  2. In the window that opens type the following, only changing the version number if needed:
    defaults write com.TechSmith.Snagit2021.plist HideRegistrationKey -bool true
  3. There will be no feedback in the Terminal window after pressing return, however the next time you launch Snagit the software key will no longer display.

Please note:

The deployment method above is only valid with a single multi-user key and not individual software keys. Also the installation method does not apply for copies of Snagit (Mac) purchased through the App Store on Mac.