Skip Sign In on Camtasia 2023 and Later


Starting with Camtasia 2023, the application by default requires you to sign in. You can install Camtasia via MSI, with a couple of customization options to bypass this.


      1. Download camtasia.msi from here.

      2. Download the TechSmith Deployment Tool from here

      3. Follow the steps in the video below, be sure that you are entering your software key in the deployment tool, before creating your install files. If the software key isn't added in the deployment tool, you'll see the error shown in the second half of this video.

    • Open the Deployment Tool, then open the Camtasia MSI inside of the Deployment Tool.
    • Add your software key in the Deployment Tool.
    • Check the box for "Disable Camtasia license key registration (online) for end users" on the "More Install Options" page of the Deployment Tool.
    • Create your Transform File, then run the .bat file as an administrator if you can. If you can't run the file as an admin, you can still run it, but your account may not have permissions to install successfully.