Camtasia Individual Subscription Not Activating

Why is Camtasia not recognizing my subscription?

  • Verify that you're logged in using the exact same email that was used to purchase the Camtasia subscription.

  • If you have confirmed that you're logged into Camtasia with the same account that purchased the subscription, please go to Help -> About Camtasia and click the refresh icon.

  • Verify that you have Camtasia 2023.1.0 or later installed on the computer.

    • Note that previous versions of Camtasia will not recognize your subscription's status.

The sign-in process hangs when signing into Camtasia.

  • Are you currently behind a firewall, antivirus, and/or are using a VPN?
    • If so, please add an exception or temporarily pause the service and try signing in again.
  • If you are currently connected to a managed network (such as a work or school network), please try connecting to another network (if possible) or contacting your local IT team.

If you are using Camtasia 2023.1.0 or later and Camtasia is still unable to recognize your active subscription, please contact our Customer Care team here.