Adding Video in Sync With a Recorded Audio Track


When recording a video, how can the audio that is pre-recorded be in sync with the new recording?


This capability is not supported in Camtasia Mac but there is an easy workaround.

Camtasia Mac 3 and Later:

If you are working with audio that you recorded first, follow the instructions below:

  1. Import or record audio track in Camtasia. To import audio, select File > Import > Media.
  2. Move the audio track to the right on the timeline to leave several seconds of silence at the beginning. Move the Playhead to the start of the timeline.
  3. Click Record. The Recording screen will open and the Editor will be minimized to the dock.
  4. Set recording options to include Screen and System Audio, then click Start Recording.
  5. Click the minimized Editor window on the dock. It will expand back onto the screen. Click Play to start playback of the existing audio on your timeline, then press Command-H to hide the window again.
  6. When playback gets to the recorded audio portion, begin recording your video track.
  7. Once you have all tracks recorded, select and delete the unneeded portion of your project at the start of the timeline.