Camtasia (Mac): Enterprise Install Guidelines


What is the workflow for an enterprise installation of Camtasia for Mac?



Camtasia for Mac can be easily installed by automated tools including Apple Remote Desktop. The following files must be copied to client machines for a serialized installation to work:

  • to /Applications
  • Camtasia Registration Key to /Users/Shared/TechSmith/Camtasia

More Information

The Camtasia Registration Key file is generated on Camtasia for Mac first run and is unique for any specific software key. Run Camtasia for Mac on one computer, enter the software key, and then copy that machine's Camtasia Registration Key.

The above method is only valid with a single multi-user key and not individual software keys; please contact the TechSmith Sales team for more information. Also note that this installation method does not apply for copies of Camtasia for Mac purchased through the Mac App Store.

We recommend downloading the latest Camtasia for Mac disk image version from and copying for install.

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