Enterprise Install Guidelines For Camtasia on macOS

  1. Download Camtasia Mac DMG from here
  2. Go to this location: /Users/Shared/TechSmith/Camtasia/
  3. Inside of the Camtasia folder, create a text file named: LicenseKey We recommend using TextEdit and making sure these settings are checked in TextEdit before creating the text file. Once those settings are changed in TextEdit, close TextEdit completely and re-open it to create the text file. Do NOT put the .txt extension in the filename or allow a .txt extension to automatically be added to the file name. Make sure it is saved with UTF-8 Plain Text Encoding. See examples below:mceclip0.pngmac_deploy.png
  4. Deploy that text file to all your users. *Make sure the users have read and write access to the entire Users folder structure. You can try it without write access if your environment is setup that way.
  5. Once they load Camtasia for the first time, it will read the license key and unlock Camtasia.
  6. (For Camtasia 2022.Install the System Audio Component for End Users who may not have permission to do so:
    1. The binary is located at Camtasia 2022.app/Contents/Resources/aceinstaller
    2. Run the following command: sudo ./aceinstaller install

Change the year depending on which version of Camtasia you are using.


Camtasia (Mac) can be installed by automated tools including Apple Remote Desktop. The following files must be copied to client machines for a serialized installation to work:

  • Camtasia.app to /Applications
  • Camtasia Registration Key to /Users/Shared/TechSmith/Camtasia

More Information

The Camtasia Registration Key file is generated on Camtasia's first run and is unique for any specific key. Run Camtasia on one computer, enter the key, and then copy that machine's Camtasia Registration Key.

The above method is only valid with a single multi-user key and not individual keys. Note that this installation method does not apply to copies of Camtasia purchased through the App Store.


We recommend downloading the latest Camtasia (Mac) disk image version here and copying Camtasia.app for install.

Note: These settings work on the latest version of Camtasia Mac
  • Disable Asset Service
    • Disables the asset store integration.
      defaults write com.TechSmith.Camtasia2023.plist DisableAssetSearch -bool YES
  • Disable Quizzing
    • This lets you turn off the ability to create Quizzes
      defaults write com.TechSmith.Camtasia2023.plist DisableQuizzingSupport -bool YES
  • Disable Sign In Requirement
    • This lets you turn off the TechSmith sign-in requirement.
      defaults write com.TechSmith.Camtasia2023.plist DisableSignInRequirement -bool YES
  • Hide License Info
    • Hides references to the license key, registration info, and deactivation options.
      defaults write com.TechSmith.Camtasia2023.plist HideRegistrationKey -bool YES
  • Disable Automatic Updates
    • Disables the ability to have automatic updates installed.
      defaults write com.TechSmith.Camtasia2023.plist DisableAutomaticUpdates -bool YES
  • Disable Automatic Check for Updates
    • Diables automatic check for updates.
      defaults write com.TechSmith.Camtasia2023.plist DisableAutomaticUpdateChecks -bool YES
  • Turn Off Analytics Tracking
    • This lets you turn off the analytics tracking
      defaults write com.TechSmith.Camtasia2023.plist DisableEventTracking -bool YES