Microphone Is Not Working in the Camtasia Recorder


The microphone is not working in the recorder.


There are various reasons why the microphone would not work. Please review these options to make any changes.

Reason 1: Microphone is Not Connected

Make sure Windows is detecting the device.

  1. Right-click the Speaker icon.
  2. Choose Recording Devices.

Under Recording, make sure your microphone is listed. If not, unplug the microphone then plug it back. It should then show up in the list.CamWind_Recording.png

Reason 2: Microphone Not Selected in Camtasia Recorder

Make sure the microphone is set as the correct device in Camtasia Recorder.

  1. Select Tools > Options > Inputs.
  2. Choose your selected device in Audio > Audio Device.

Reason 3: Not Detecting Audio in Microphone

Make sure the recording level is high enough. Below Audio Device, there is an input meter that detects the volume of the audio. If the meter jumps when speaking into the microphone, then it is selected correctly.

Reason 4: Microphone Not Plugged In

Verify that the microphone is plugged into a USB port or microphone jack on the sound card.

Reason 5: Not Working in the USB Port

Use a different USB port or microphone.