Camtasia (Windows): Video and Audio Are Out-Of-Sync After Recording


After finishing a recording, the video and audio seem to be out-of-sync.


This can be caused by a system resource issue. The computer processor or hardware cannot process both video and audio fast enough to keep them in-sync. There are various options to solve this solution.

Option 1: Use Software-Mode

  1. Open Camtasia.
  2. Select Edit > Preferences > Advanced.
  3. Select Use software-only mode under the Hardware Acceleration dropdown.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Close and reopen Camtasia. See if audio and video are in-sync during playback.

Option 2: Reduce Screen/Capture Frame Rate

Reducing the screen area and capture frame rate can free up more resources in order for the audio to be in-sync while capturing. For more information on system performance, see this article.

Option 3: Update to the Latest Drivers

We have seen outdated audio and/or video card drivers cause this behavior. The best option is to visit the hardware manufacturer's website to get the latest drivers for your audio and video cards.

Option 4: Update Webcam

We have also seen this happen with webcams. Update the webcam to the latest driver available from the hardware manufacture's website.

Option 5: Set Power to High Performance

  1. Press Windows+R on your keyboard to open the Run window.
  2. Type the following and click OK: control panel
  3. Select Hardware and Sound > Power Options.
  4. Select High Performance.

Users have reported that changing this setting has made a big difference in keeping their webcam in-sync.