Decrease the Video File Size In Camtasia on Windows


The video file size is too big.


There are multiple reasons for the file to effect the production size and quality of the video.

Reason 1: Video Format

To deliver the best quality video with a small file size, produce the video as a MP4/H.264 format. MP4 is the default output in Camtasia and is a popular format for web-based delivery. AVI, MOV, or WMV are good choices for CD or DVD delivery only.

Reason 2: Video Dimensions

Large video resolution can dramatically increase the file size. Try these tips below to reduce the file size based on video dimensions in pixels:

  • Limit the video size to no bigger than 1920x1080 px.
  • Do not record the entire screen. Instead, use the Smart Focus (Zoom-n-Pan) animation to scale down the video dimensions while focusing the viewer's attention on a specific portion of the screen.
  • Reduce the screen resolution before recording.
  • The video dimensions are set in File > Project Settings.

Reason 3: Amount of Movement in the Video

The file size increases as more movement is included in a video. For example, recording text-based presentation slides produces a smaller file size than recording a live video.

  • Limit unnecessary movements in a screen recording. For example, avoid dragging windows on the screen or adding animations in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Produce to the MP4 format to mitigate some file size issues associated with movement.

Reason 4: Audio Type

Compress the audio during production to reduce the file size. The MP4 format uses AAC audio compression which produces a good combination of audio quality and file size. It is uncommon for uncompressed audio to produce a significant audio difference for your viewers. Unless you are featuring an orchestral masterpiece or recorded mono audio, compress the audio during production.

Reason 5: Frame Rate

The frame rate determines how many frames per second (fps) are shown to the viewer. Camtasia's custom production settings allow up to 1–60 fps. The default frame rate in Camtasia is 30 fps. If the recorded content has limited movement, such as a PowerPoint presentation, you can decrease the frame rate. To change the frame rate in the Camtasia Recorder, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Camtasia Recorder.
  2. Click Tools > Preferences > Inputs.
  3. Click the Capture Frame Rate dropdown to adjust the frame rate for recordings.

To change the frame rate used for production in Camtasia, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Camtasia.
  2. Click Export > Local File.
  3. Click the Encodings tab.
  4. Type in the Frame Rate field to adjust the frame rate.

Reason 6: Type of Recording Technology Used

Camtasia uses the TSC2 recording codec which is ideal for screen activity and full-motion video. If you are recording a game on Windows, you may consider using the screen recorder called Fraps. The screen recorder is ideal for recording the entire screen, full-motion video, and high frame rates.