Error: Failed to Initialize the Snagit DataStore


When launching Snagit, various error messages appear stating, "Failed to initialize the Snagit datastore."



Snagit stores all its captures by default in the DataStore folder. When launching Snagit, it must access the folder, otherwise Snagit will not run. There are some main causes for this error to appear.

Single Users - Installed Snagit on Their Own

For some end users who installed Snagit on their own private computer, this can indicate that there is some corruption in the DataStore. 

Option 1: Rebuild the DataStore

To rebuild the DataStore, see this article.

Option 2: Repair the DataStore

Send the corrupt DataStore to Tech Support and we can attempt to repair the folder. Please submit a ticket by clicking this link.

Enterprise Administrators - Snagit Deployment Multiple Users

Reason 1: %LocalAppData% Is Not Local

If Snagit was configured to have the DataStore stored on a network, when Snagit launches, it will attempt to cache a copy of the Snagit Library database file from the DataStore folder to the local machine in %LocalAppData%.  This database file is a SQL CE (SQL Compact Edition) which cannot be run from a network location. In order for this to work, it is presumed that %LocalAppData% is a local location. For more information on datapaths used in Snagit, see this support article.

Reason 2: Using Mapped Drive or %HOMESHARE% Instead of UNC Path in Transform

This is a known issue that we hope to fix. Two examples of this type of configuration are:

  • Mapped Drive - Snagit is configured to write the DataStore to K:\Snagit. K:\ is actually a unique server location for each user and is the same as \\servershare\users\my.user\appdata\snagit\. If K:\ is used while creating the transform for Snagit, then this error may occur.
  • %HomeShare% - Snagit is configured to write the DataStore to %HOMEDRIVE%\snagit. 

For both examples, if the UNC path is used for the DataStore path (such as \\servershare\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\snagit), it should fix the problem.

Reason 3: Incorrect Transform (MST) Configuration

These errors can be the result of incorrectly configuring the transform file when deploying Snagit to the user base. For reference and information, please see these documentations:

We recommend using the TechSmith Deployment Tool from our Enterprise Resources page to create the transform (MST).