Cannot Output to or Paste an Image from Snagit into Email


Currently receiving an error when attempting to share an image in an email and Snagit will not share to my webmail.


Web Mail

Some webmail clients (like Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc.) are not supported as they cannot embed images the same way that an installed output such as Outlook can. These clients do not support embedded images. You will have to save the file first and then attach it to send it.

Outlook/Outlook Express

  1. Open Snagit.
  2. Browse to:
    • Snagit 2018 and later: Edit > Editor Preferences > Outputs
    • Snagit 13: File > Editor Preferences > Outputs
  3. Select Paste images as HTML for Outlook Express and Embed images when sending e-mail (Outlook/Outlook Express only).

If you are using Outlook and your images are attaching and not embedding, and both options are selected in the Snagit properties, make sure that the email composition is set to HTML and not Rich Text or Plain Text. As a test, you can copy/paste an image from another source and put it into the body of the email as well and see if it accepts that image or not. If it can, then Snagit should be able to embed as well.

When email clients send a message, all the images are sent as an attached file. The email can specify to show that image in the body of an HTML email. However, the recipient can configure their email client to show only plain text, some email programs or webmail sites cannot show HTML mail with embedded images at all. In this case, the image will be an attachment regardless of how it was sent.

Some companies choose to strip email attachments including images for security reasons. In that case, you would not be able to email images to those recipients at all. We recommend uploading images to a Screencast account and sending the share link if the email doesn't work.