Screencast: The playback of videos on Screencast seems to periodically Pause and then Resume


Playback is constantly pausing and resuming, or is very choppy.


This can happen when the Internet Connection is unable to keep up with the Average Bitrate of the video you are viewing.  When streaming video is playing on, your system is constantly downloading the video during playback.

If the download rate is slower than the Average Bitrate of the video, playback may have to pause while the download continues in the background.  This is often referred to as Buffering.

Viewing a video on another Content Delivery site, such as YouTube, you typically can see a lighter version of the duration playback bar that shows how much of the video has buffered:


The Screencast Overlay Control provides similar functionality, however it is easy to overlook:


The Screencast Overlay Control buffer appears as a dark gray color, while the playback is a light gray color.  If the dark gray color is taking a long time to populate, this is an indication that the video is buffering slowly.

Since bitrate is a function of the File Size and Duration, videos that are large in Size but have a short Duration could be problematic on slower Internet Connections.

Bit rate of the video can be determined by taking the Total File Size of the video in KB (kilobytes) and dividing it by the Duration in seconds.*

For example, a 2 MB file is 2048 KB.  If that file is 10 seconds long, the Average Bit Rate is 2048 / 10 or 204.8 kbps (Kilobits per Second).

Videos in excess of 4000 kbps are not recommended for, as they may not provide reliable streaming.

Additional Information:

To test your Internet Connection for Screencast you can go here.