Slow Rendering in Camtasia


The produced video is taking a long time to render using Camtasia on Windows.


There are a couple of different instances which can cause slow rendering in Camtasia Studio. Rendering would normally take about the same time as the length of the timeline. For example, if the timeline is 30 minutes the expected rendering time would also be 30 minutes. Maybe a little more or a little less depending on settings. There are two reasons that can dramatically increase the rendering time.

Tip: Always Save Internally

For the best performance and to protect your data please work on your projects from your local hard drive. Avoid network drives and cloud drives while working on a project including exporting. Use external drives for transferring, backup, and archiving only.

Reason 1: High Video Dimensions

Since Camtasia's timeline can produce a maximum of 4096x4096, setting a dimension higher than 4096x4096 Camtasia will have to scale the media down to a size that works. That scaling process would have a huge effect and perhaps double or triple the rendering time. Set the dimension to 4096x4096 or shorter for a fast rendering time. Recording, editing and rendering all at the same resolution is recommended. See a video here

Reason 2: High-Quality Percentage (Legacy Exporter Only)

Adjusting the quality to a percentage higher than 75% not only creates a larger file, but it also slows down the rendering speed. We recommend setting the video quality to 75% or lower.