Remove the Watermark From the Camtasia Trial



My video produced in Camtasia contains a TechSmith watermark in the final video. How do I remove it?


A TechSmith watermark is added to videos produced during the Camtasia trial. To produce videos without a watermark, you need to enter a valid software key into the application. To purchase a software key, visit the TechSmith Store.

When producing a video in the Camtasia trial, this window appears:

Enter a valid software key into the Enter key field and click Produce without watermark. This activates the paid version of Camtasia and the production starts.

Will the watermark be removed from produced files after activating Camtasia?

The watermark is "baked in" to any videos produced during the trial period. After activating Camtasia, open the existing project and produce the video again to create a video without a watermark. Make sure to save your trial projects to reproduce the videos after purchasing Camtasia.