Moving Your Snagit Library to Another Apple Computer


How to move captures in Snagit (Mac) 4 and later from one Apple computer to another.


  1. Close Snagit.
  2. Go to the current location of the Autosaved Captures folder on the new computer. By default, this folder is located in the following locations:
    • Non-App Store: ~\Documents\Snagit\Autosaved Captures
    • App Store: ~\Pictures\Snagit\Autosaved Captures
    • New Snagit 2020+ Users: ~\Pictures\Snagit\Autosaved Captures
    • Snagit 2020+ Users That Upgraded From a Previous Version: ~\Documents\Snagit\Autosaved Captures
  3. Copy the contents from the Autosaved Captures folder from the old computer onto the new computer.
  4. Restart Snagit.

Tags and Application icons will not transfer to the new computer.