There is a Black Dot or Camera Icon on My Snagit Video


When starting a video in Snagit, I see a black dot or camera icon with a prohibitory line through it.


If you're seeing an image like the ones below when capturing video in Snagit, this means that your webcam is set to be captured with the video:

If you don't want to record your webcam, you can turn off the webcam toggle switch in the Snagit capture window here:

Or, you can click on the green toggle on the recording toolbar (before a recording, or during) to turn off the webcam (the icon for the webcam will go to grey when it is "off"):

If you wanted to record your webcam, and are still seeing a black dot or prohibitory symbol like above, check to make sure your webcam is not covered by anything like tape or a webcam cover or if your computer has a webcam cover switch like pictured below, make sure to switch it back to "On":