Re-encode high bit rate videos


Videos with a high bit rate can have intermittent and even persistent buffering for viewers during playback. 


High bit rate videos can be re-encoded to a lower bit rate. Try one of the following options to re-encode your video to a lower bit rate.


Reproduce a Video from Camtasia

If you uploaded a video from Camtasia, you can try reproducing the video at a lower quality. In the Video settings options during production, set the quality to somewhere between 40-50%.


Use Handbrake to Re-encode the video

  1. Download and install Handbrake.
  2. Open Handbrake and click Source > File to select the video to re-encode.

  3. In the Destination section (a) click Browse and (b) select a destination for the new file, give it a name, and click Save.

  4. Set the Constant Quality slider between 18-24.

  5. Click Start to begin the encoding process.

  6. When Handbrake finishes encoding the video, upload it to