Camtasia (Mac): Using Media Assets on Mac


How do I use the assets offered in Camtasia 9 (PC) in Camtasia 3 on Mac?


The assets offered from this page will download as a zip file to your computer. Once the file has been downloaded, double click the file to unzip it. Once the file has been unzipped, you will be able to simply import the media file into your Camtasia project on Mac.

Camtasia on Mac does not have a library section like the PC version does. So, these files can just be stored on your Mac, and imported into your projects as needed.


Motion Graphics / Lower Thirds


For importing Motion Graphics into an existing project, please follow the steps below: 


  • Download the Motion Graphic Asset you would like to use.
  • Double click on the zip file to extract the project, then double click on the project to open the project.

(Once that project is open, you will a group on the timeline that represents the motion graphic).

  •  Right click on that group, choose "Copy".
  •  If you do not already have your project open, that you would like to import the Motion Graphic, open the project.
  •  Move the playhead to the point in your timeline you would like to import the Motion Graphic.
  •  Go to Edit>Paste, to Paste the Motion Graphic.


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