Using Camtasia Media Assets on Mac


How do I use the assets offered in Camtasia?


Camtasia 2018 and Later

Camtasia 2018 and later offers a library to manage and use assets in your projects. See this video tutorial on how to use the Library.

See the this video tutorial for instructions on how to download and install additional assets.

Camtasia 3 and Earlier

The assets offered in this support article will download as a zip file to your computer. Follow the steps below to import Motion Backgrounds into an existing project:

  1. Download the Motion Background Asset you would like to use.
  2. Double-click on the zip file to extract the project, then double-click on the project to open the project.
  3. Once that project is open, you will group this on the timeline that represents the motion graphic.
  4. Control-click on that group, select Copy.
  5. Move the playhead to the point in your timeline you would like to import the Motion Background.
  6. Select Edit > Paste, to paste the Motion Background.