Black Screen in Camtasia Canvas


The canvas does not show the media and displays black, shows artifacts, or displays the desktop instead of the media on the timeline. 


  1. Click Edit > Preferences > Advanced in Camtasia.
  2. Change the dropdown to Microsoft Basic Render Driver under the Hardware Acceleration section and then click OK.
  3. Close and re-open Camtasia and see if that works.

If that still does not work, re-encode your video to an MP4 file that can work with properly with Camtasia:

Video on what settings to choose in Handbrake: 

Our software is designed to support a wide range of video codecs and formats. However, due to the vast number of different encoding settings available, it's not always possible for our software to support every possible variation. Therefore, we recommend that you try re-encoding your videos file with HandBrake, which is a popular and reliable video transcoder that can convert your video to a more widely supported mp4 format.