Video Exports Black



When exporting a project from Camtasia Mac, the video or a section of the video is black. The video does not show but audio is playing.


Option 1: Review Updates

Within Camtasia select Camtasia > Check for Updates and install any available updates. Then restart the computer and export the project again.

Option 2: Move Project to Local Drive

If the project (.cmproj) is stored on an external hard drive, move the project to the local drive and export the project again to an internal hard drive. Please make sure it is not a cloud synced location.

Option 3: Change H.264 Profile for MP4

  1. Select Share > Local File.
  2. Select the dropdown menu for File Format and select Export to MP4 (.mp4). Then select Options.
  3. Select the dropdown menu for Profile and select Baseline (Larger file, widest compatibility).
  4. Select OK and then Export.