Background Removal Effect Best Practices

For best results with Camtasia's Background Removal Visual Effect, ensure the following conditions before recording your camera.


Discrete video card (GPU) such as NVidia GeForce, Quadro, or AMD Radeon video cards.

Preparation Tips

Adequate Lighting:

  1. Ensure proper lighting for the best video quality.

  2. Refer to our blog post for tips on How to Get the Perfect Video Lighting.

Clean Camera Lens:

  1. Make sure your camera lens is free of dust and smudges.

Minimize Background Distractions:

  1. Simplify the background to avoid distractions.

Wear Contrast Clothing:

  1. Choose clothing that contrasts with your background.

  2. Avoid intricate patterns, as detailed lines and small plaid designs may cause Camtasia to unintentionally remove parts of the clothing.

Update Video Card Drivers:

  1. NVidia GPUs: Use NVidia's GeForce Experience or download drivers manually from here.

  2. AMD GPUs: Use AMD Adrenaline Software Suite or download drivers/Adrenaline from here.

Enable Hardware Acceleration:

  1. In Camtasia, go to the Advanced tab in the Preferences window.

  2. Set Hardware Acceleration to "Use Graphics Card."

  3. Avoid using "Microsoft Basic Renderer" as it may cause issues with the Background Removal Effect.


By following these best practices, you can enhance the effectiveness of the Background Removal Visual Effect in Camtasia.