Videos from TechSmith Capture Have No Audio


Videos recorded in TechSmith Capture on iOS are missing audio when imported into Camtasia on Windows.


This is a limitation in Catmtasia (Windows). When a video is imported into Camtasia, a single audio track from a video can be imported. When a video is recorded using TechSmith Capture, it is common for a video to have both a device and microphone audio track. However, when the video is imported in Camtasia, only one audio track is imported and the other is ignored. There are a few workarounds in solving this issue.

Option 1: Re-Encode the Video

Right-click media file in the Media Bin and choose Open File Location to locate the source media file that needs to be re-encoded. Then, re-encode the file using a free application called Handbrake. Download Handbrake to re-encode the video, then import the new video into Camtasia (Windows).

Option 2: Import Multiple Audio in Camtasia (Mac)

Camtasia (Mac) can import multiple audio from a single video file. If access to a Mac, Camtasia (Mac) can be installed using the same key as used to install Camtasia (Windows). Please download Camtasia (Mac) if not already installed on the Mac.